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We aim to provide a holistic approach to foot care, offering preventative advice as well as treating pre-existing conditions.




Nail care, including cutting and filing, callus and corn removal. We also give advice on suitable footwear and foot care.


20-30 Minutes

Nail Surgery 

Surgical option for damaged toenails or recurring in growing nails. A permanent solution. An initial consultation is required before surgery is performed. 

60 Minutes



Designed for feet with heavy calluses and hard, dry skin, a specialist pedicure, exfoliation and relaxing foot massage. Can also be a treat if you've neglected your feet and they require some TLC.

45-60 Minutes

Diabetic Foot Health Management

A routine podiatry treatment with specialist diabetes advice including vascular and neurological testing. Footwear and foot care advice. 

Verruca Treatment

This can be used to treat a variety of tissue lesions using an extremely low temperature to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. We use liquid nitrogen to predominantly treat verrucas. A consultation is required to discuss all suitable treatments. 


​We can carry out podiatry treatments within your home if you are unable to leave your home for medical reasons. 

Nail Resection

 Ingrown toenails can be so deep and infected that we cannot remove them with routine treatment. A local anesthetic is used to resect the offending nail from the root. This usually take 5-10 days to heal. 

Partial or Total Avulsion

This is a permanent procedure where the toe is anesthetised and a section of the nail is removed from the root and a chemical is used to destroy the root. This is 98% successful with no regrowth. This can take 4-6 weeks to heal and the end result is aesthetically pleasing. We can also remove the wholes toe nail if it is damaged. A consultation is required prior to surgery. 

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